St. Pölten UAS participates in tour of Vienna Central Shunting Station for DACIO project

In the field of DAK (Digital Automated Coupling) research, regular Europe-wide meetings are necessary to coordinate the various framework requirements. The Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute of the Department of Railway Technology and Mobility is hereby participating in the DACIO (Digital Automated Coupling in Infrastructure Operation) project. On Thursday 7 July, an on-site visit to Vienna was planned, as the differences in the production processes at marshalling yards in Sweden and Austria had recently been analysed. Besides colleagues from the ÖBB, the SBB (virtual participation), the TU Graz, the Swedish representatives of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and the Swedish infrastructure operator Trafikverket were present. Adrian Wagner was able to participate on behalf of the FH St. Pölten. In addition to the consideration of the results from the process analysis, there was also a focus on the field of work of the shunting personnel. Afterwards, the day was completed by a visit to the Vienna Central Shunting Station in order to see and discuss certain processes in practice.