Key focuses

Gender-sensitive multisensory rail vehicle

The project aims at developing a catalogue of requirements for a general increase in attractiveness of public transport with particular focus on gender-appropriated design of rail vehicles.


The project "TerminalOnRail" examines the feasibility of a feeder system for airports based on an already existing railway infrastructure.


The goal of the AlertnessControl is to develop occupational psychologically relevant and technical organizational measures to enhance the attention and to warn in case demanded.

Bridging gaps

The project „bridging gaps“ involves (pre)school children in the analysis of bridge lifecycle, cost, planning, periodical inspection and maintenance by taking the age and education level into acco...


Monitoring system for identification of critical ice accumulation to prevent the ballast fly induced by ice dropping. The proposed study aims to investigate the possibility of an integration of an int...


By the conception of an intelligent and integral approach the project smartBOX wants to revolutionize the growing needs of transport in the field of freight mobility in a time of resource scarcity.

DiMoSy Rail

Testing the usability of the DiMoSy system for monitoring the effect of construction work on rail structures

Integrated LCA

In infrastructure management system, decision makers are challenged with the growing demand in safety and at the same time the pressure to minimize the escalating costs of maintenance and rehabilitati...


In the course of this project a set of methods has been developed for evaluating gender and diversity aspects of workplace ergonomics and usability for workers in safety-critical system settings.

BaKuRo - Coupling robot for shunting yards

An introduction of automatic coupling seems unrealistic in the European railroad network. That is why it should be clarified in the course of the exploratory study BaKuRo if it is possible with today�...